Wednesday, 11 March 2015 20:03

Getting Ready for the 2015 Season

So we begin....

Spring is in the air and it looks like a dry spring is ahead. After starting the season early the last two years and having cancellations due to the wet weather I felt it was probably better to start my lovely young horses a little later this year so Swalcliffe is our front runner and all the horses are raring to go. This has been one of our best winters so far with my super team at home who have worked hard and efficiently to get the horses fit whilst having a lot of fun along the way. The winter can be really tough with dark nights and weather to contend with so it is always welcome to see the sunshine at the end of it and yesterday was so lovely the horses had their rugs off and were enjoying the sun as much as we were.

This season I have some of the nicest horses I have ever had the pleasure of riding but equally importantly I am lucky to have equally as special owners who are going to ensure a fun season for all here at Team Pickles. Over the years I have learnt that it isn't only about the winning, obviously that is a bonus, but to spend your time with people who share your love and passion for their horses is a real treat and is a far bigger motivation than any rosette. Things don't always go to plan with horses as injury, drama, unexpected complications always seem far too close when you are asking so much from our horses. What I have really learnt is this; it isn't about the things going wrong that neccessarily dictate what happens in a situation, it is how it is dealt with that really matters and those who are loyal to you as well as their horses always seem to shine in these situations whether it be owners, employees, clients or friends who are involved.

Dassett Cooley Dun owned by Kate Willis and Mel Pritchard has had a good winter and is debuting at Gatcombe with our aim this year to improve the dressage and hopefully, all going well head to Blenheim in the Autumn for the 9year old class. Lucianna Wiser Than Wise is soon to be heading back to TeamP to start his campaign of BYEH and aswell as BLS All Inclusive and the beautiful Cendora who are both starting at Badminton this spring in the 5YO sections.

The Direct Horses are going well and as their breeding is so close I find it no coincidence that their temperaments are so similar, both are mares, both are super talented, both are sensitive and both like to be treated like a real Princesses! All being said a fun year awaits with Direct Tullyoran Cruise upgrading this season and Direct Diamond making a start.

She's All Class is at last looking like being an event horse after a testing 18 months and I just can't wait for her to give her owner Lady Butler some enjoyment as she really has been so supportive and deserves the fun we know this horse can bring us.

Sandra, Pete and Kate England's lovely crew are all strengthening up for their season and although they don't live with me it works very well with Kate  and hear parents very kindly bringing them to parties and training as and when is needed, the same can be said for Tricia Thorntons lovely PLS BlueJay who is always at the party bang on time ready to go looking immaculate.

Lucianna Pearl of Wisdom has nearly completed her breaking in training and although out of same mare as her brother Lucianna Wiser Than Wise, she could not be more different. However both are lovely and have very exciting futures with their owner Lucy Keaney ahead.

I have a super 14.2 pony Hayestown Caption in for sale who is a real pocket rocket, he is smart, careful and full of the beans a true competition pony needs. So if you are looking for something to do PC/BE on then look no further as at 10 years old he has a lot to give.

Mary and Alex have both wintered really well and have improved their horses no end. I have promised them dinner on me if they can #beatheboss this season so best foot forwards Mrs P otherwise the bill is on me! Good luck guys........

So results will follow in our next edition and hopefully everyone behaves at their first competitions. Also a big good luck to all those who train with Team Pickles you are all ready to have a fabulous year.

Until next time.....