Saturday, 26 April 2014 00:00

Well Overdue

It’s been a while……… but not due to the fact I have been sunning myself in the Caribbean or holidaying ‘down under’ but due to the fact we have been having so much fun at home with our lovely babies!

Coco, Roxy, Ruby and Little George have all been coming on leaps and bounds. Coco has muscled up and is becoming more and more consistent in her training. I forget she is only 4 years old and have to refrain from doing too much with her. Roxy is a lovely three year old, who we are breaking in, she has a real zest for life with a cheeky streak and I am hoping bags of talent!

Ruby has the ‘WowFactor’ as her name suggests and is a forward thinking, kind horse with heaps of presence and Little George belongs to Little Al and we have just got him under saddle. He is a really smart type but sharp as you like and has taken some time to get going – however, we are now riding him and he looks like he has the makings of a lovely pony.

We also have a very exciting new arrival on the way, in fact we have two new arrivals on the way, one planned and one not so planned. The planned one takes the name She's All Class and she is every bit of that. We took a trip to the Emerald Isle,  after seeing Lot no.33 in the GoforGold catalogue and short of a major tantrum I decided I was not coming home without ‘Princess’ as she is now called! So you guessed it home with Princess we came! She is now having a well-earned holiday and will be at the Team Pickles Head Quarters in the new year………

The other new arrival is one that was not so planned. After taking a trip to Ireland in the summer we fell in love with a very cute 14.2 that looked like it needed a bit of the Colina Pickles treatment and so the gullible idiot that I am bought the very sweet and unassuming Hacketstown – named after the town she was bought from. We could see nearly every rib when she arrived and she seemed to hate life and was definitely not a fan of humans or horses either. Over the months she has blossomed and has gained in weight and muscle. At a dressage competition a few weeks ago her co Owner did comment on how well she was looking and I did tend to agree! On closer inspection it turns out that Hacketstown is in fact in foal and is due…………….your guess is as good as mine!

So the CCTV is back in operation and we are all on foal watch, maybe a Christmas baby – Jesus is on its way! Only I could get myself into such a Pickle – quite literally!

The Team Pickles end of Season Party was pretty good fun and we seemed to have enough canapés to feed an army thanks to Miss T catering – can only give Vicky a huge recommendation if anyone is having a party, the food was excellent and plenty of it. Thanks to everyone who came, we were well over 40 which was great. It is just a really nice way to say thank you to everyone for their support this year as I genuinely couldn’t do it without each and every one who came.

We have a new member of the Team in the form of Vicky Ingles who is very hard working, conscientious and has a major passion for eventing. She has two lovely horses and has qualified for the Grassroots next year so we are aiming for a great season and a fun Badminton!

Mary B has gone on her holidays and is currently raving her way round Europe whilst Little Al is coming away in January on a ski trip with the boss – not sure who to feel sorry for there!

Jodie P is sadly leaving us in the new year but total respect to her for working her notice and not letting the Team down, she would almost be the first! Just as I think I have a really fab team, somebody wants out, I try not to get too upset about it now as sadly it’s a common occurrence!!!!!

So the next blog will most probably be in the New Year when we are back into the swing of getting ready for the 2014 season.


See you then………….