Pretty much anyone can set up as an 'dressage rider' but when you are choosing who to place your horse with there are more things to think about than just the results that this rider gets (although of course that’s very important too). Colina Pickles not only offers the chance to own an dressage horse that stands a good chance of getting to the top, she also offers a whole lot more!


Colina has competed horses of differing ability up to advanced level eventing and was given the rare opportunity to compete some of the best young horses in the country. Having ridden so many different horses she is now in a position of experience to ride all types/sizes/ temperaments of horses as well as being able to produce horses for other people. She can deliver the results clients are looking for as she has the relevant experience to take a horse and bring out the best in it.

Relationships with clients/owners

A large part of the enjoyment for the owner is the relationship they have with the rider and the trust they have in letting them compete their horse. Colina has the communication skills that are necessary to build lasting relationships with owners. Good communication is essential as it shows professional approach and builds trust between the client and the rider.


With a small yard all horses are given consistent care and routine which enables them to be more settled in their work and therefore perform to their optimum. Attention to detail is first rate on Colina’s yard, with years of experience on a large competition yard behind her she is able to ensure that standards are kept high and constant. Colina looks after and trains her horses with a great deal of care. The smallest of things can make a huge difference, for example keeping a horse’s programme regular.

Determination and commitment

Colina is determined to reach her goals and loves the process of forming, maintaining and building relationships with people who want to share the passion of eventing with her. She is extremely dedicated to both the horses, the people and the sport.

An Outstanding and Growing Reputation

Colina has built up an excellent reputation in the area with those that are following her career, those she teaches and with her existing owners.